An Oil For The Weekend

Happy Friday Everyone!
Each week I select one oil to inspire the weekend.  This week I chose the oil blend Thieves.  Included in the Premium Starter Kit, this is an all-purpose oil with so many uses!  It’s great for cleaning, it has a very warm and cozy scent, and it is wonderful for supporting your immune system!  I am in dire need of support for my sinuses given the time of year.  I am SO congested and the pressure is moving into my ear… NOT a great way to start a weekend!  Enter Thieves oil.  I watched a wonderful Facebook video by Wellness Addiction on a roller to make to support immunity.  She is struggling with many of the same things as I do so I went right home to make the blend myself and wow!  It feels so great on my sinuses.  Mixed with some hot tea, it’s amazing.  You can check out her Facebook page here and join me in proceeding to watch all of her videos…
Anyways, Thieves can be used as a daily part of your oil routine to maintain wellness, especially during winter.  It can also be used more frequently when fighting a bug to help support your body’s natural functions.
10. Theives
You can even make tea with it!
Thieves Tea
I do want to note that Thieves contains clove oil which can interact with some medication, specifically SSRIs and MAOs, so make sure that you use caution when taking prescription and using certain oils.
I encourage all of you to give Thieves a try over your weekend! Contact me for a sample or better yet join Young Living and Thieves is included in the premium starter kit!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!