Hello All!  My name is Jennifer and I am the author of The Lavender Apothecary.

As you will see, I love all things essential oils, homemade and non-toxic.  I should let you all know right away that I LOVE Young Living essential oils and could share my knowledge of this company endlessly!

As a disclaimer, my experiences with essential oils and their ability to support my body is not a substitution for the input of a medical professional.  Always talk with your doctor if there is something concerning you.  Essential oils cannot cure or treat any disease or disorder.  They can support your body’s functioning, however, and I strongly recommend incorporating them into your daily routine.

I am also working towards my masters in professional counseling and therefore am very serious about self-care and mental health awareness.  I have only a year left and include into all of my counseling plans a component of self-care because it is so often overlooked.

I will do my best to share about a variety of health-related topics but reserve my right to toss in some extra posts, including the books I’m reading, Milwaukee culture, and awesome products I try out.

Feel free to reach out to me on the Contact tab with any questions or comments.

Thank you all, and Welcome to The Lavender Apothecary.